bedside table Giaretta art.C9043P. Table lamp Fusaroli art.2363

    bedside table 58x40xh71см, walnut anticato (solid wood/nat veneer), in stock 2pcs.
    catalogue price 535€, show-room sample price 1pcs = 400€, 2pcs x 350 = 700€

    Lamp​ d35cm h66cm, E27 max 60W.
    catalogue price 600€, show-room sample price = 450€

    3-seat sofa "Oregon" (Alf DaFre)

    240x87xh84cm, 3D wooden frame tied with straps, stuffing - "Dacron" polyurethane foam with different density (300-100gr/m2), seat pads and two decorative pads with fluff stuffing. Removable upholstery 100% cotton with fluff-proof lining.  
    Catalogue price 3033€, show-room sample price = 2000€

    3-seat sofa "Venere" (2A). Make-up table and sofa-table (Scappini). Chandelier "Dalia" (Sikrea).

    sofa 214х89хh113см, solid wood frame (beech), visible elements with walnut decoration, stuffing - medium density polyurethane, upholstery with floral decor.  
    Catalogue price 2527€, show-room sample = 1700€

    make-up table with mirror 91х50хh148cm, walnut (solid wood/net veneer).
    Catalogue price 1586€, show-room sample = 1000€

    chandelier​ d66cm, h57cm, 5xE14 max 40W, textile covers, ceramic decor, mat silver-painted metal = 350€

    3-seat sofa "Florence" (Cis Salotti)

    sofa 235х105хh100см, removable seat pads with decorative cord, stuffing - different density polyurethane, upholstery with 3D decor Damasco.  
    Catalogue price 2950€, show-room sample = 1900€

    sofa-table "Stile Elisa"

    104x59xh47cm, mat white with old-look silver foil (solid wood/nat veneer).
    Catalogue price 520€, show-room sample price = 390€

    Chair "Sharon" (MIDJ)

    48x55xh89/46cm, avaliable in stock = 6pcs. Seat, backrest and legs - light beige, EasyClean/Long Life upholstery (74% polyester, 18% cotton, 8% acrylic, wear resistance 40000mtd).
    Catalogue price 357€, show-room sample price 1pcs = 225, 6pcs x 190 = 1140€

    Chair "Onda" (Natisa)

    L42x56xh81/47cm, avaliable in stock = 8pcs. Frame - bleached beech (solid wood), seat and backrest: stain-resistant/waterproof upholstery (100% polyester). Colour - Turchese (green-blue)
    Catalogue price 196€, show-room sample price 1pcs = 150, 8pcs x 120 = 960€

    Sofa-bed "Chesterfield", 2-seat.

    162x90xh72cm, black, natural leather with "capitone" firmware, folding mechanism with matress 5cm thick.
    Catalogue price 2618€, show-room sample price = 1620€

    Sofa-bed "Chesterfield", 2-seat.

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